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Kapale seeks financial help from Gen. Salim Saleh

Comedian Kapale has cried out to Gen. Salim Saleh to help him with financial help because he can’t make ends meet.

This came after Gen Salim Saleh bailed out promoters with some money to cover up what they lost during covid19 period.

Kapale said he is on the precipe of being evicted from the house due to arrears and his children also need school fees. The dire situation has forced him to ask Gen Salim Saleh to help him out.

“I am requesting Salim Saleh to help me financially. I am yet to be evicted from my house due to loans and my children also need fees. I am begging Gen Saleh to look into my matter” Kapale said.

The entertainment industry has been closed ever since last year in March when the world was hit by a deadly disease Covid19.

Kapale said he is struggling with life and if not helped he might commit suicide or leave the country.

Written by Aine Siggy

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