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My dental surgery has strengthened my confidence – Azawi

Swangz Avenue artist Zawedde Priscillar aka Azawi has revealed how her dental surgery has strengthened her confidence in public.

Azawi went under the Knife for plastic surgery after appearing in public and stigmatized for her dental disorder. she said she lost all the confidence she had and the only solution was to go for a plastic surgery so that she can regain her confidence.
she is a very confident girl to the extent that she smiles any time she wants.

“I am now confident after working out on my dental. The first time I appeared in public, I was stigmatized because of my teeth and that made me lose confidence. The only solution my management had was to take me for surgery and am now happy with it I can easily smile in public” Azawi revealed.

‘Repeat it’ hit maker said she was laughed at while at school by fellow students calling her ‘mapengo’ literally meaning someone with no teeth but she never minded saying its because they are still young not knowing evn old people stigmatize.

She went ahead and said they now laughed at her that she went for dental surgery but she doesn’t care because her smile is now greater than it was in the past.

Being a fast raising artist, Azawi said she needs to build her brand in whatever way it takes and she will become the biggest brand soon.

Written by Aine Siggy

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