Sasha Ferguson double celebrations as she introduce Canary Mugume after graduation

This week has been a double celebration in the life of former WBS TV presenter Sasha Ferguson.

Sasha introduced NBS journalist Canary Mugume to her family yesterday a day after graduating from Makerere University in the just concluded 71st graduation.

The two lovers have always been known to be dating one another although they were on and off. Their relationship had spanned for a period close to 7 years before they decided to legalize it.

However, the manner in which they have done it is the one that has left people’s tongues wagging. Canary proposed to Sasha a few weeks ago and a Kukyala followed just after a fortnight. Now hardly after a few days after, Sasha has introduced Canary to her family.

Canary was in the company of close friends and relatives. These included journalists Andrew Mwenda, Samson Kasumba, Margaret Muhanga among others.

Taking to her Twitter page, Muhanga told of how they had finished capturing Sasha and Canary won’t have to spend the cold nights alone again.

“Determined to warm ⁦
⁩ cold nights, we went armed to the teeth and got him a beau in the suburbs of Kampala ⁦
⁩, clan leader ⁦
⁩ headed the delegation. Congs to u young man” Muhanga tweeted.”

It should be recalled that the couple’s relationship has not been short of controversy just like all people in the limelight.

Shortly after their Kukyala, a rumor surfaced of a one woman named Chantal. She claimed that Sasha had been cheating on Canary with her Zungu man in Tanzania.

However, the couple did not pay attention to it and it soon withered out.

The couple is expected to take their vows in holy matrimony soon and we wish them all the best.

We shall keep you posted.

Written by Aine Siggy

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