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Evelyn Lagu Is A Fraudster – Bad Black

City renowned thigh vendor and socialite Bad Black has branded singer and actress Evelyn Lagu a Fraudster that has been scamming people of their monies.

It should be recalled that a while back the singer announced how she was gravely ill and required urgent kidney transplant from abroad.

She however did not have the much required amount of money and resorted to different kinds of fundraisings. She also appealed to her fans and all well wishers to help her raise the required shs250M.

Fellow musicians rallied towards this call and did for her a car wash in Makindye plus a concert at Freedom city. Lagu still came out and said the money was still short of her target and pleaded with fans to continue supporting in whichever way possible.

Taking to her Facebook page Mama Jonah aka Bad black laughed at those who Lagu was able to hoodwink and collect millions from. She alleges that Lagu has now resorted to drinking alcohol and spending on men.

“Yi ki Uganda kinyuma, buli muntu Kati alya kumagezi ge, omulwade wa kidney takyava mubbala ndabika nange munatera okusondela sente za fisitula I know am a good actor Kika. Wabula abasajja alabika amuzina amugamba which side sick kidney, ko ye no daddy nali mbasiliwaza,” Bad Black posted.

However in her defence, Lagu quashed the rumors saying that her being sick does not stop her from enjoying her life to the fullest. She says dating a man just like any other woman with feelings is not a crime.

She miantains that she’s still looking for the shs250M to travel to Turkey for a kidney transplant.

Written by Aine Siggy

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