Events promoters are very greedy – Full Figure

Presidential advisor and faded musician Jennifer Nakangubi commonly known as Full Figure has levelled a sly dig to events promoters saying they are” very greedy”.

This came after Gen Salim Saleh bailed out the promoters and the results were unpleasing.
A lot of issues came up saying some promoters didn’t receive any money while others received a lot f money.

According to Full Figure, this is because of sheer greed.
She said it’s even disappointing because Gen. Saleh bailed all most every promoter but again they were not contented.

“Events promoters are greedy. The fact that these promoters have disappointed Gen Salim Saleh, they have reduced the chances of helping others because the help he gives out doesn’t reach the exact people he is helping.” Full Figure said.

Full Figure went ahead and said Gen Salim Saleh needs to follow up the money he gave out to promoters and arrest all those that received more money than they spent because other people are suffering on their behalf.

This war between promoters started at the beginning of year 2021 before the money was even given out.

Out spoken Full Figure said Abitex should take back the money he received because he said he cant receive money from government and the money he was given is from government.

Written by Aine Siggy

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