Young Men Are Monsters And Energetic In Bed- Doreen Kabareebe

City model and faded socialite Doreen Kabarebe has come out to to tell her dirty fantasies to the public in regards to her sexual preference.

The model who has carved out a name for herself when it comes to nude modeling and X-rated photographs told of why she prefers young men to older men.

Doreen who claims to be a virgin yet has dated a string of men in the country says although she likes money, she’s more attracted to young men.

She says she wants a man who is energetic in bed and can fulfill all her wildest fantasies she grew up having. Therefore she does not think a man above 40 can satisfy them since their physical performance has dipped down.

“The young men are more attractive to me than the old men. I have seduced some good-looking men to fall for me. Young men are energetic,” she said during an interview.

Doreen who is siad to have chewed the likes of Frank Gashumba and Jose Chameleon is currently single and maybe the young energetic men out there have a ground to start from after her shocking revelation.

She also added that she nolonger dates Kampala sugar daddies as she has found all she wants in the young men. These were non performers which she red carded and signed herself the ‘Kylian Mbappe’s’ of the game who are top performers.

Written by Aine Siggy

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