Is Rema and Hubby About To Shed Premium Tears?

Songstress Rema Namakula is one celebrity that has really enjoyed chopping life to every bit. And ever since she got married to her prince charming, Hamza Ssebunya two years ago, she’s been leaving on cloud nine.

The ‘Lean on me” singer is one celebrity that really enjoys the limelight especially social media. She’s fond of posting pictures that depict her telenovela kind of love life onto her social media pages.

This has garnered her a lot of criticism both from the fans and her religious sect, the Islam community. These feel that she takes it way too far than it should be.

All this seems to have taken a toll on the former Gagamel singer who took to her social media pages to portray her mind.

“Peace of mind is a priority,” Rema posted on her social media handles.

This comes a few days after Rema deleted all her photos with hubby Ssebunya while they were on her birthday vacation in Dubai.

The mother of one faced a lot of backlash especially from the Muslim community who felt that what she was doing was a violation of the Islamic beliefs.

There was also a rumor that the couple’s relationship had hit rock bottom over irreconcilable differences. People were quick to ask her why the husband wasn’t in the photos she shared yesterday.

It is waited to see if this relationship that has got many people talking is about to end in oceanic tears or it’s just a stunt.

Written by Aine Siggy

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