Only wedded celebrity couples will get invitations for my wedding – Bad Black

City socialite Namuyimbwa Shanitah commonly known as Bad Black has revealed the kind of celebrities that will be able to attend her wedding saying they should be also wedded.

After Bad Black getting engaged by her long time boyfriend known as Asha she immediately announced that they are going to legalize their marriage soon.

However, Bad Black has denied disclosing the exact date for their wedding, with her only reverations that it will take place in Zanzibar with only family members and few friends in attendance.

She went ahead and said she only wants wedded couples on her wedding especially celebrities because they may attend when they are not holy Marriage and leave curses hence letting her marriage end in tears.

“I only want married couples on my wedding especially celebrities. I mean those that have wedded. I don’t want them to have with curses that will let my marriage end in tears” Bad Black said.

Bad Black went ahead and praised her boyfriend Asha saying he is the best man she has ever had because he didn’t love her of money like others did.

Masolo Queen said she doesn’t need her boyfriend to be in public because girls will snatch him and that’s the reason she is going abroad for the wedding and only wants married people.

Written by Aine Siggy

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