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Kapa Cat leaves fans fantasizing in new photo

Celebrities always have a way of pulling their fans and other followers talking on the way they pull attention. And with the coming of social media, celebs can always become up close and personal with their fans quickly.

As is the case with most female celebrities revealing too much of their skin at times, singer Kapa Cat was at it again.

The “Sikyo” singer is not shy when it comes to exposing her dripping sexy body both in her music videos and social media pages.

She however took it a little bit too far in the latest pictures littered on her Instagram page. The singer who was modelling clothes for a one @natasha2fashions dropped 6 pictures. These have left social media users taking screenshots of the singer and appreciating what her mama gave her.

The pics reveal Kapa Cat’s upper body as the silky cream dress she adorns is a transparent fish net that leaves nothing to imagination.

Some of the fans were seen applauding her for a great body but others were not pleased by this as they advised her to wear something else.

It’s only Swangz Avenue’s Winnie Nwagi who has been able to always get away with posting semi nude pics on social media. The “Nonsense” singer however seems to have joined this bandwagon and we shall wait to see if she has the mental strength of Winnie Nwagi and pass through it too.

Written by Aine Siggy

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