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KFM’s Doreen Lifts Lid On Relationship With Jacob Omutuuze

Of recent people in the spotlight have been throwing up stunts in regards to their marital statuses. Some of these have gone on to make things serious while others have come out to clarify it’s simply seeking attention.

One of these pairs is Kfm”s late night show host Doreen Nasasira and Ddembe FM’s DJ Jacob Omutuuze who also does a night show.

A rumor in the past few weeks has surfaced of how these presenters were a couple that was about to make things official.

Working on sister radio stations people thought the two had decided to cement the relationship of these radios by walking down the aisle.

Dj Jacob even went ahead to throw hints on his social media pages alongside Doreen’s pics. This left people guessing that the presenters who all give out relationship advice on their programs had finally found each other’s missing rib.

Pics surfaced over the weekend of the two looking all lovie dovey in what seemed like an introduction that was even graced by other celebrities. The following day Doreen did not show up on her weekly radio program which was filled in by Phyllis who said that Doreen wasn’t feeling well.

However while addressing the rumors and the pics, the curvaceous presenter from Kabale denied dating Jacob Omutuuze.
She added that she has a boyfriend whom dj Jacob knows very well.

“The photos that are circulating mean nothing. We are just friends with Jacob nothing more than that, We talked about it with my boyfriend and he understands. It is about trust,” Doreen addressed the rumors.

It’s not clear whether Doreen is serious on what she was saying or simply wanting to draw away the eyes of privy people and rumors from her relationship.

We shall however keep you updated.

Written by Aine Siggy

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