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Pastor Mondo to come back to Uganda for Eddy Kenzo’s marriage ceremony

Pastor Mugisha Mondo has revealed that she will only come back to Uganda for singer Eddy Kenzo’s marriage.

Mondo went to exile after he was accused of embezzling people’s money with another Pastor known as Pastor Sirajje in the names of president Museveni.

Pastor Mondo went in form of going for Covid19 treatment but he dint come back after getting okay. He said his businesses are abroad so he has no reason to come back to Uganda.

During an interview with NBS Uncut, Mondo said the only reason he will come to Uganda for is Eddy Kenzo’s marriage ceremony which no one knows when it will happen.

“I will only come back to Uganda for Eddy Kenzo’s marriage ceremony. Most of my businesses are abroad I don’t see a reason why I should come back soon.” Mondo said.

He went ahead and cleared the air about the his court issues that let him to excile saying he is innocent and there is no proof of what he was accused of.

Mondo is one of the pastors that are close to Ugandan celebrities that he is now known as a elebrity.

Written by Aine Siggy

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