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I don’t regret leaving Sipapa – Serena Bata

Musician Serena Bata has revealed she doesn’t regret leaving Sipapa even after failing her music career.

Serena used to say Sipapa is her music manager with no strings attached. But later the truth of the matter was known and the two were found to be in a relationship.

However, their love relationship out powered the music career and the two ended up failing to musically work together.

Promoter Abitex took on Serena Bata’s music career as a manager and the career looks to be going on so well. This is where Serena Bata based to say she doesn’t regret leaving Sipapa.

“I don’t regret leaving Sipapa because after leaving him my career didn’t die away I got someone to help me out better than what Sipapa did” Serena Bata said.

Serena is not the only person that left Sipapa even Brown Suga left something that brands Sipapa to be a bad person.

Since Serena joined Abitex’s management, she has managed to have different hit songs and collaborations.

Written by Aine Siggy

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