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Sexy men don’t shave the armpits – GNL Zamba

A few days ago Lugaflow rapper GNL Zamba posted pics of himself and his wife enjoying a vacation in Diani, Kenya.

Some of the pictures of the rapper attracted attention from trolls who told him to start shaving his armpits. The trolls went ahead to tell him this was an unhygienic sign.

The rapper went ahead to lambast these by telling them as long as his wife was fine with his bushy armpits, it’s all that mattered.

As the topic seemed to rage on days after the incident, the “Dear Hip hop” rapper decided to address it once and for all.

“Now am not a troll but I love a good debate especially one about personal space and freedoms. Anything to push my Pan African beliefs and go against crowd mentalities in a conventional society! I’m here for it”. The rapper posted on his Facebook page.

In his defence, the Baboon forest CEO went ahead to compile a list of hairy sexy clean men. He dubbed this as the hairy sexy men’s club of which he said he is part of.

His list included of NBA star Steph Curry, movie actors Idris Elba, Michael B Jordan and Will Smith.

The rapper who is synonymous with poetry and historical events could not wind off minus giving his trollers an insight from the past.

“Many of y’all don’t know the Western powers were trying to find market for their razor blades. Also intimidated by African hair, most colonial powers shaved the African man and set a standard for how he should present himself. People like Jay-z and Kenyatta found freedom in growing hair and also as middle finger to society and convention.” Zamba added.

He concluded by asking the trolls to emancipate their minds from the 1960’s and get them to 2022.

Written by Aine Siggy

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