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Tamale Mirundi Junior’s love for Old women on high level

Tamale Mirundi’s son known as Tamale Mirundi Junior has revealed his love for old women is on a high level.

He made the statement during an interview with NBS Uncut television show.

Tamale Mirundi Junior was previously captured on camera kissing with socialite Don Zella who is like 10 years older than him.

However, Tamale Junior defended himself saying its not a crime to love old women after all these old women are rich and understand love more than the young girls.

He added on that his love for such women is on a high level and he will not stop loving them no matter the public’s opinion.

“My love for old women is on a high level. I wont stop loving them because they are rich and understand what love means not like these young girls.” Tamale Junior said.

Out spoken youth Junior said he is even going to move to the USA to be with his girlfriend and those with bad hearts die if they want die.

Deffering from his father Tamale Mirundi, Tamale Junior has decided to put out his love life to the public something that his father has not done because he is more into politics.

So young girls should not get near Tamale Junior because his interests are only in old women that he says understand love more.

Written by Aine Siggy

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