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Gov’t officials are the imposters of promoter’s money – Bajjo

Events promoter Mukasa Andrew commonly known as Bajjo events has revealed that some government officials are behind the embezzlement of promoters money.

The saga of promoter’s money has been making news for the whole of last and this week.

It is said that Gen Salim Saleh bailed out promoters with 5.6 billion Ugshs but promoters are crying out that they didn’t receive the money and the few that received said that it was little.

Bajjo through an interview with NBS Uncut show said its true some promoters didn’t receive money because some government officials decided to also share with them and took a very big portion.

Out spoken Bajjo said he will not disclose their names but Ugandans and young promoters should know were the money that was given to them went.

“Some government officials decided to take promoter’s money and that’s why some didn’t receive the money. I wont disclose their names but I am letting Ugandans and young promoters know were their money disappeared from.” Bajjo said.

Contravertial Bajjo went ahead and said he knows people like Abitex who is the chairperson of all promoters will not stand on the truth to tell people what is behind the cameras in terms of Promoter’s money.

Bajjo said that these government officials are greedy even after knowing that promoters have spent one and half year without working and are chocking over debts but still decide to eat the money.

He said he is ready to defend himself even when taken to courts of law because he is sure of what he is talking about.

Written by Aine Siggy

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