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We need accountability for the promoter’s money – Jacob Omutuzze

Radio presenter now Bunamwaya LC3 Councilor, Jacob Omutuzze has come out and tasked people that were responsible for promoter’s money to give an accountability for it.

Jacob is one of the few promoters that didn’t receive the money even after presenting his file to the committee that was led by Abitex and Ande events.

During an entertainment talk show on NBS Uncut, Jacob appealed to president Museveni and the anti-corruption committee to take action and ask for an accountability so that everyone knows how 5.6 billion Ugshs given out by Gen Salim Saleh was spent.

“I appeal to president Museveni and the anti-corruption team to help us find an accountability for the promoter’s money. We all believe this money was taken by few people who are not promoters because most of us didn’t receive.” Jacob Omutuzze said.

The war between promoters on this money has been on for the one and a half weeks but the truth of this money is not yet known.

Although the chairperson of promoters Abitex says the money went to the right people, most of the promoters are not content with the results.

Abitex said in this week a list of those that received money and the amount of money they received will be released on social media and every one will see them hence make the final comments and judge accordingly.

Written by Aine Siggy

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