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Singing is not a job – Full Figures urges artists to look for jobs

Presidential advisor also a musician Jennifer Nakangubi known by her stage name Ful Figure has come out and advised fellow artists to look for jobs because singing is not a job.

She made the statement during her weekly show on STV.

Full Figure said many artists think that singing is a job but covid19 has taught them that its not a job at any point and that’s she is adding her voice urging them to go and work like other people.

“I urge artists to go and work. Singing is not a job because anyone can open their mouth and sing.” Full Figure said.

Artists have not been working for the last one and a half years due to covid19 that hit the whole world.

Out spoken Full Figure said she doesn’t feel bad for them because they are not special from others.

She said they stop acting like celebrities its now time for them to start doing other works rather than shouting for government to help them with what to eat and where to sleep.

Written by Aine Siggy

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