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Spice Diana is not yet at Sheebah’s – claims music analyst

Music analyst Anko Owen has come out to lecture Spice Diana on the boiling beef between her and TNS singer Sheebah. Just like most people in the public, he feels Spice Diana is good but not yet at the level of Sheebah.

It should be recalled that a few days ago, spice Diana came out and issued a public outcry to Sheebah’s fans the sheebaholics.

The ‘Kokonya’ singer said that Sheebah’s fans had taken up the habit of insulting her a notch higher.

She went ahead to warn them off her social media pages and advised them to stick on Sheebah’s.

The looming battle has however been catalysed by fans from the different camps.

These have gone ahead to pit the two divas against each other on who sits at the helm of Ugandan female music.

However, the queen karma while addressing the rumors said that she has no time for useless issues. She added that all she cares about now is building her brand and getting money.

The topic was started up by Tuff B who said that he thought beef was good for the industry as long as both parties gained. He added that the current crop of artistes however fear each other.

Addressing the same issue, Owen said, “The beefs are good when the artists are on the same level. I give so much respect to
Spice Diana
but I don’t think she has reached
’s level.”

He added that the beef should not be between someone in p.1 while another is in s.1.

This is a sentiment shared by many people who feel Sheebah is the undisputed queen in the Ugandan music. This owes to her recent records having been at the top of Ugandan music for close to 8 years

Written by Aine Siggy

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