Video of Bobi Wine’s son smoking weed draws mixed reactions on Social media

Different social media users took to their pages to express their different reactions on a video that surfaced of the singer/politicians son puffing smoke out of his mouth and nose.

The young man Kampala who is Kyagulanyi’s first born child looked to be high. Kampala who was recording his act in front of a mirror looked to be fulfilling the saying ‘like father like son’.

However most people have chimed in to give their views on this issue.

Some were against what the ‘first son was doing’ while others supported it saying the boy should be left alone to do what he feels like.

“Putting snapchat filter aside, should we start asking social media parents on how our kids should live their lives, its Bobi wine’s son not yours, let his father worry about his life style. What’s the name of your problem” one Twitter user said.

“A poor image for who???
Let the boy be a teenager like y’all were once without anybody crucifying him
Just because he’s Bobi wine’s son doesn’t make him less of a human or an angel…” Another said.

“Let’s not judge others please. That’s his life, so does everyone. Many people smoke, I inclusiveFace with thermometer, which will turn off everyone close to me like family. But that’s my life.
What am trynna mean is his dad being a president wont make him live like he’s in a cell of judges” a Twitter user by the name Luke defended Kampala.

“What Bobi wine’s son did , shows a poor image regardless of your opinions” a comment that attracted a barrage of comments said.

The ghetto gladiator has not yet come out to speak about his son’s behavior.
We shall keep you updated.

Written by Aine Siggy

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