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MC Kats tired of breaking ladies hearts

NBS Television presenter Katamba Edwin known as MC Kats has vowed not to fall in love again because he is tired of breaking ladies hearts.

Kats made this statement during an interview with NBS Uncut entertainment show.

King of the mic MC Kats is one of the famous people that is known as the ladies man.

MC Kats who was singer Fille’s fiancé said he doesn’t know why his relationship don’t work out as expected and he is waiting for God to decide that’s when he will be in love again.

“I am tired of breaking ladies hearts. Most of my relationships don’t work out. I am not in a relationship now am waiting for God to decide for me.” MC Kats said.

MC Kats said he has 6 children from different women but that was his choice as a young man.

Despite declaring being HIV positive, MC Kats said he is the happiest man ever because he doesn’t regret doing anything that he did in his life.

Written by Aine Siggy

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