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MP Zaake Visits Gen Katumba Wamala In Hospital

Despite having clashed in the past and being on opposing political sides, Mityana municipality MP Francis Zaake has taken time off to visit Gen Katumba Wamala in hospital today.

The Minister of works and transport was nearly assassinated yesterday while driving to his mother-in-laws’s vigil.

Despite escaping the assassination with minor injuries,the general’s daughter and bodyguard succumbed to the bullets instantly.

Different people have come out to express their condolences towards the general on the loss of his daughter and body guard. They however warned that this was just an eye opener to the stinking state of security in the country.

Zaake while visiting Wamala said that he did this because the general visited him too while he was sick.

“When I was in the hospital due to injuries I sustained in parliament, Gen Katumba Wamala visited me. That is why I had to come here and do the same,” Zaake told journalists after the visit.

It should be noted that Gen Katumba Wamala landed a heavy punch onto Zaake during the 2017 ‘Togikwatako’ parliament scuffle.

Zaake added that it was the time all Ugandans know that they are in the same basket regardless of rank.

“This is the time when I want my supporters and all people to know that we are in the same basket. We are all oppressed from the president to the common person. We just need to wake up and the earlier the better. Uganda is not safe and we should know that all we need is unity to be safe,” Zaake addressed the journalists.

The Gen has continued to show appreciation to the population for the comforting messages and added he is slowly recuperating.

Written by Aine Siggy

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