MC Kats opens up on his current relationship with Fille

TV Presenter Edward Katamba fondly called MC Kats has opened on his current relationship with ex wife singer Fille Mutoni.

The two bitterly separated in 2019 after MC Kats beat up Fille while she was performing on stage.

Since that fight it is said that Fille and MC kats have never got back together despite having a daughter together. They decided to co-parent as single parents do.

During an interview with NBS Uncut show, MC Kats said his relationship with Fille didn’t work out for them but the music relationship is still blossoming and they are looking forward to taking it on another level.

“My relationship with Fille didn’t work out but am assuring you the music relationship is on going and we are to take it on another level.” MC Kats said.

MC Kats said its not only Fille’s relationship that failed but relationships in general don’t work out for him.

He said people should stop saying he is dating Caroline Marca but rather are just friends and business partners.

It should be noted that MC Kats came out and declared that he is HIV positive in 2019 December.

Written by Aine Siggy

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