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Police bursts Kwanjula gay party in Nansana

The police on Tuesday burst on a gay party in Nansana a Kampala surburb and arrested over 40 young men that were taking part in it.

These were arrested for defying the covid 19 guidelines that prohibited the gathering of many people in one place without social distancing besides engaging in a homosexual act that violates the Ugandan laws.

These included predominantly young men who were adorning make up and hair wigs plus clothes designed for women.

The spokesperson of the CID Charles Twins said these ‘were picked from a gay party’ in a short statement he issued.

According to Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire, the arrested included 38 males and 6 females while the rest fled before they could be arrested.

“Immediately a team of police officers proceeded to the scene and a group of 38 adult males and 6 females were found conducting a ceremony at around 1pm that looked to be a wedding. All the men had make up and some were dressed as female in dresses and wigs,” he said.

Owoyesigire also added that the ceremony which looked like the traditional give away ceremony had attracted a lot of gifts which they confiscated.

“At the same functions gifts were recovered, these included suitcases, a tv, assorted gifts like sugar, salt, pineapples and many other gifts normally given at traditional functions.”

He added that these would be charged with a negligent act that could likely spread the deadly corona virus.

“We have preferred to charge them using the public health act, since they were not following the ministry of Health guidelines,” Owoyesigire said.

It should be recalled that same sex marriages were recently outlawed by president Museveni although the law was later scrapped after international pressure.

However, same sex relationships are still illegal in the country and the participants have to live a hideous life.

Written by Aine Siggy

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