Rabadaba’s new girlfriend Nnalongo Maggie goes crazy over Bad Black’s comments about the singer

A few days ago during a local TV interview, socialite and city thigh vendor, Shanitah Namuyimba aka Bad Black testified about how local dancehall singer Faisal Seguya was a menace in regards to intimacy.

Bad black added that her time with the ‘Lunyiliri’ singer was a short stint she would live to remember. The faded singer though seems like his stamina has kept him relevant in the public eye.

Word coming in indicates how widow to fallen singer AK48, Nnalongo Maggie has converted to Islam. She did this as preparations to their secret wedding slated for next week in Butamba-Katabi are almost ripe. Nnalongo seems like she doesn’t want to let go of the singer after discovering Bad Black’s comments were true.

The two reportedly started dating early this year and will soon legalize their relationship. They therefore feel they have known each other well and need to make things official.

Maggie who changed her name to Salha said that she switched back to Islam since she had only converted to Christianity during her teenage years.

“I have changed my name starting today onwards from Maggie to Salha. I was actually a Moslem before I turned to Christianity when I was a teenager. So I’m going back home,’ Maggie said.

This will not be Maggie’s last relationship among celebrities but hopefully it might be her last. She was in a relationship with AK47 before his untimely death and the two have twins together.

She also dated socialite Don Nasser and singer Grenade Official. However, her relationship with the ‘Nkuloga’ singer was characterized by controversies before it hit a dead end.

Written by Aine Siggy

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