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Stella Nyanzi urges Gen Katumba to join opposition ranks

Former Kampala Woman MP contestant and researcher Dr. Stella Nyanzi has urged embattled General Katumba Wamala to cross over to the opposition.

Stella Nyanzi’s asertations come in the aftermath of Katumba Wamala’s botched asasintion that claimed the lives of his daughter Brenda Nantongo and driver a one Haruna.

Through Facebook Dr. Stella Nyanzi said if she was Gen Katumba she would leave President Museveni and immediately turn to the opposition and start fighting for liberty.

She said she would even withdraw from the military and train people in effective stratgies.

“If I were General Katumba Wamala, I would make a complete U-turn, I would desert Museveni’s dictatorship, And instead join Uganda’s opposition. I would leave the illusion of state security, And rather mobilize the masses for liberation.” Stella Nyanzi said

Stella Nyanzi noted that soldiers are strong but she is wondering how Gen Katumba is going to coup up with the three heartaches. one being the loss of his daughter, another the loss of his driver and arms with bullets.

She said the only way he will escape this is to convert from military and give his life to the revolution.

“Although Soldiers are strong people, How does a father live with these three failures? Dead daughter, Dead driver, A pair of arms with two bullets each, If I were General Katumba Wamala, I would convert from the gun-wielding tyrants, And instead give my soul to the revolution” Stella Nyanzi noted

Out spoken Stella Nyanzi is always fighting the government saying it has done nothing.

She calls herself a freedom fighter and once stripped naked in public when she was evicted from her office at Makerere University.

Written by Aine Siggy

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