Grenade unbothered by ex girlfriend Maggie’s introduction ceremony

Singer Deus Ndugwa known by his stage name Grenade official has revealed that he is unbothered by his ex wife Maggie Nalango’s introduction ceremony.

He made this statement during an interview with BBS Television.

Grenade and Maggie were in a relationship for only one year and that was 2019. However, Maggie said Grenade was a gay and their relationship couldn’t move forward.

Now Maggie is in deep love with singer Rabadaba and she is set to introduce him to her parents next weekend. She even changed from Christianity to Islam because of Rabadaba.

When asked how he feels about his ex moving on this fast, Grenade said he doesn’t care, he only wishes her good luck in the new chapter of her life she is taking on.

“I Don’t care about Maggie’s introduction ceremony. I am happy that she moved on and she is happy, I only wish her good luck in the new chapter of her life.” Grenade said.

Grenade noted that if they invite him for the introduction ceremony, he will attend in person.

Maggie Nalongo was the late AK47’s wife and the two had twins together but after his death it is said that AK47’s family didn’t take care of Maggie and hence moving on so fast.

Written by Aine Siggy

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