I must marry Mama Fina – Abitex

Events promoter Abbey Musinguzi commonly known as Abitex has revealed that he will must marry traditional doctor Mama Fina.

He made this statement during an interview with Spark Television.

Abitex started showing off his interests for Mama Fina’s love in the past years but kept it off media.

He said when he kept on telling Mama Fina that he loves her in privacy, she took it for granted something that annoyed him and made him think that he is just wasting time.

Despite Mama Fina saying she is in a relationship with another man, Abitex said that means nothing to him and he is ready to achieve is dream of having Mama Fina as his wife.

“I must marry Mama Fina. These things of saying she is in another relationship doesn’t scare me, I am determined and I must achieve my dream.” Abitex said

This is not the first time Abitex declares his love for Mama Fina in public. Last year while Mama Fina was on some television for an interview, Abitex surprised her with a bunch of flowers showing her love.

Abitex said he is sure Mama Fina loves him because he always sends her money and she never rejects it.

He said even if it needs going to a thousand witch doctors, he will do so in order to marry Mama Fina.

Written by Aine Siggy

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