Lwasa brands Diana Nabatanzi a thief

Masaka city Tycoon and sharpshooter Lwasa Emmanuel has labeled his ex Diana Nabatanzi a thief in the latest verbal attack against her.

It should be noted that the two controversially ended their fling a few months ago but Lwasa seems like he can’t let go of his ex.

Lwasa and Nabatanzi dominated the news months back with different allegations against each other before bitterly breaking up.

Lwasa accused Nabatanzi of detoothing him millions of shillings that he spent on her during their numerous sexcapades from the country besides buying a brand new Pajero car.

Nabatanzi who seemed bothered a lot by these allegations took a break off her the spotlight amidst allegations that she had been bewitched by Lwasa’s official wife.

In the meantime, Lwasa got engaged to another city slay queen who went ahead to introduce him in a much publicized ceremony.

Yesterday the Masaka born tycoon shocked social media users when he posted a video of him and Nabatanzi in a cozy hotel. In the video the BBS TV presenter tries to shield her face from the camera as Lwasa films her but in vain.

Lwasa went ahead to caption the video branding himself a hero for being able to mantain a high class woman like Nabatanzi. He went ahead to add that every man should learn that Kampala girls are wh0res and thieves.

“NANGE NDI MUZIRA!!!!! As I took my best friend Diana for a business trip worth millions but couldn’t afford having with me a selfie worth nothing. ABASAJJA TUGUMA Naye buli musajja yigira ku nze abawala ba Kampala misege. MBU TOKWATA VIDEO.” Lwasa posted.

Lwasa later appeared on Spark TV’s Live wire program where he continued to shed light on his time with Nabatanzi. The tycoon said that it was easier to maintain a family of three people for two years than maintaining women like Nabatanzi for a month.

Lwasa further stung Nabatanzi by referring to her as a thief and it’s the reason she was trying to hide her face in the video he posted on his Facebook page. He added that the reason he was sounding this cry was to warn fellow men to stay away from Nabatanzi because she is a thief that will comb them clean lf their hard earned dimes.

Written by Aine Siggy

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