President Museveni orders all policemen to stop using mobile phones

President Museveni has today in his state of the nation address ordered all policemen to stop using mobile phones.

He further instructed them to resort back to using radio calls that are accessed by all police stations.

The president was addressing the scenario in which the assailants who attempted to kill Gen Katumba Wamala escaped arrest.

“Henceforth, the police are directed to stop using mobile phones and go back to using radios that are open to all police stations so that they can respond promptly.” The president said.

Museveni further lay blame on the police force pointing to their lack of cooperation. He said that it was due to their poor cooperation that the assailants managed to sneak away freely since the cameras had traced their movement.

“The recent shooting of
Gen Wamala
showed the poor cooperation of the police. The cameras that I put in place did their work. Why didn’t the camera managers alert the patrol police to chase these individuals.” Museveni lambasted the police force.

The President further talked about a number of issues in his address including corruption. It should be noted that corruption is one of the biggest problems hampering development in Uganda. He however said that he would deal with it’s roots, the Ministry of Finance.

“Corruption has become a real enemy and it starts from the Ministry of Finance. I have the story and you will see. That is how I moved in on the people of
who thought they were too smart.” Museveni warned.

The President further assured the country how experts in the country are on track to produce a covid 19 vaccine and avoid depending on foreigners.

Written by Aine Siggy

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