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Witchcraft the reason behind Nina Roz and Daddy Andre’s marriage failure

Some reasons behind Daddy Andre and Nina Roz marriage failure have been found out and disclosed by their close friends.

This celebrity couple singer Nina Roz and Daddy Andre was in a relationship of only six months and they also managed to legalize their marriage in those months.

But in March 2021, news broke on social media after Andre deleted their introduction ceremony photos from instagram that the couple is no longer together something that surprised many. Although they first denied it, Andre finally told the truth.

People have been wondering what could be the reason behind this failed relationship of Andre and Nina Roz.

According to TV presenter Kasuku, he was told by a close friend that asked him not disclose his name that witchcraft is the main reason why they separated.

He said Andre has a witch doctor in Nansana that he goes to something Nina Roz wasn’t used of. That she asked Andre to leave the witch doctor and he refused hence deciding to leave him.

“Witch craft is the reason why Daddy Andre and Nina Roz separated. Andre has his witch doctor in Nansana. Nina Roz told him to leave that witch doctor but he refused hence separating.” Kasuku said.

However, according to Daddy Andre, Nina Roz was using him to take her singing career to another level and after getting to know about it he decided to let her go.

Nina Roz is not the first girlfriend disclosed to public, he had also show Angella Katatumba to the public as his girlfriend and it ended in tears too.

Andre is known to be a womanizer because in 2019, different girls came out and accused him of sexually harassing them while in his studio.

Written by Aine Siggy

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