Big Eye Stole Brian White’s Ideas-King Michael

A few days ago faded singer Big Eye came out and announced about how he was starting up a new foundation dubbed the Big Eye Foundation.

Big Eye who has in the past been known to be a cry baby towards the government shocked many with his new idea. Many wondered where he had gotten the money to advance such a project.

This owes to the ‘Indicator’s recent financial woes which included being kicked out of his house by his landlord. Big Eye who was an ardent campaigner for President Museveni in the recent elections said the motive for his foundation was to support and give back to Ugandans.

“I have decided to start this venture in a patriotic way to give back to Ugandans. I started with the boda boda guy who helped Gen Katumba after he had been shot. I did this as a thank you to the man because he did it out of a good conscience expecting nothing in return.” Big eye who was appearing in a spark TV live wire interview said.

He was further questioned on the source of money that is going to fund his foundation. The singer declined to give answers to this saying people should just watch as things unfold.

Asked whether he had copied Brian White, Big eye said this was just his idea and had nothing to do with the faded socialite.

“This is not a tag of war. I’m not copying anyone. Besides Brian wherever he is should be happy that as a follower if him, I have emulated his foundation.” Big Eye added.

However, Big Eye’s good friend and singer King Michael said that Big Eye’s foundation was just a copy and paste of Brian White’s foundation.

“Big Eye carried whatever he saw and learnt from Brian White to his new foundation. I always move in his car and I have seen several Brian White foundation’s books in Big eye’s car. I think that’s where he takes his notes from.”

King Michael was asked if he could go ahead and work with Big eye if he invited him to his podium despite having worked with Brian White.

“Big eye is my good friend but he would have to really convince me if I’m to join him. I will first have to know the motive of his new foundation. I have to know why he started his foundation after learning that the Brian White foundation is having challenges. I wouldn’t want Brian White to think I colluded with Big eye to steal his idea.”

Big Eye added that his foundation was legal after accessing all the necessary documents. He added that he would avail the roadmap in days to come.

Written by Aine Siggy

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