How Can You End Up With Such A Woman? Peng Peng Mocks Rabadaba

It’s nolonger a public secret now that dancehall singer Faisal Sseguya aka Rabadaba has a romantic relationship going with Nalongo Maggie.

Maggie even went a step further this week to show how ready she is to spend forever with the “Lunyiliri”. This was after she converted to Islam and even took up a new name, Salha.

However, with Maggie’s recent history of relationships, the couple was bound to be faced with criticism. Maggie has dated several men including deceased ak47, socialite Don Nasser and singer Grenade Official.

The first to criticize Rabadaba for his choice was Sweden based blogger Peng peng who questioned how the singer could end up with a used up woman like Maggie.

“My brother Rabadaba I’m praying for you but Uganda knows that I love two artists of my generation, Elvis Kirya aka Vampino and Sseguya Faisal aka Rabadaba. My brother the way we struggled coupled with your intelligence, how could you end up with a woman like Nalongo.” Peng Peng questioned.

He further went ahead to mock the “Mukyamu” singer for sharing a woman with a person like Grenade who they grew up dissing.

“I have watched Grenade grow up, a kid we saw as fake for the game, he also slept with Maggie and dumped her. Then she comes for a guy like you who is the best of them. Brother don’t forget the days we struggled at DV8, you shouldn’t have gone with that tick.” Peng further wrote.

The controversial blogger was not yet done stinging Rabadaba and Maggie’s relationship as he added that Rabadaba could have done better.

“The Rabadaba whom I highly rate, the one I call Beenieman, the one who Beenieman too rated highly when he visited!!! But if that’s how you have chosen, who am I to disagree. Museveni your bad. All my friends are now hoeing themselves. Maybe Raba was bewitched?” Peng Peng concluded.

Rabadaba and Maggie went public about their relationship early this year.

Written by Aine Siggy

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