Iryn Namubiru’s Land Wrangles With Mother Deepen

Songstress Iryn Namubiru’s land wrangles with her mother Justine Namawejje have taken a new twist.

It should be recalled that songstress’ family shocked the entire nation when they took to court to solve a land wrangle.

The “Nkuweeki” singer was taken to court by her mother who claims that Namubiru wants to grab her land.

Namubiru, however had the support of her her maternal aunt who said that the singer’s claims to the land were valid.

She went ahead to assert that Namubiru’s maternal grandfather passed on an acre of land to the singer before he died a thing Namubiru’s mother contends.

Namubiru’s mother on the other hand had the support of her son who threw a number of insults at the singer.

He said that Namubiru should have respected and acted her age instead of ashaming their mother before calling her a devil worshipper.

Court had given the two parties the date of 15th June after failing to settle their differences outside the courtroom.

However, Namubiru while speaking on Radio Simba’s Wolokoso program said that her mother went back to court and asked for a mediator to settle the matters amicably outside court.

“We were told to go back to court on 15th June. However the other side went back to court and asked for a mediator. When the date came, we waited for them and even called their phones in vain. So we are expected to go back to court and I think that’s when the whole issue will end”. Namubiru said.

According to the singer, her mother not only filed one case but more than two cases against her.

“She filed two cases against me one in Mubende which we shall attend on the 29th of June and another in Mityana on 15th. There is another case filed against me for forgery and theft also in Makindye court. ” Namubiru added.

However, most people were amused by this and questioned why Namubiru could not just vacate the land and leave it to her mother.

Namubiru answered these claims by saying that she’s only defending herself because she was prosecuted.

“Maybe mother’s don’t make mistakes but if it’s your mother who has taken you to court, you have to defend yourself. I was also surprised when court summoned me that I had stolen land which I have been occupying and using for 20 years. Everyone has been knowing that the land was passed on to me by my grandfather. I have to defend myself because if I lose this case, I will have to pay shs50 million shillings.’ she added.

Namubiru added that if she wanted to steal land, she could have started with the one her mother gave herself. She says she has the necessary papers.

“If I wanted to steal land, I could have started with the 11decimals she gave me in Lubowa. She signed all the papers and gave it to me but later warned me that if I ever step foot there, they would kill me.”

It’s waited to see the court outcome and we shall keep you updated.

Written by Aine Siggy

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