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Mama Fina not ready for Abitex’s love

Traditional healer Mama Fina has said she is not ready for an ‘entanglement’ with events promoter Abbey Musinguzi known as Abitex.

This came after Abitex came out and said he has feelings for Mama Fina. He went ahead and said he knows Mama Fina loves him but she is just scared of how the public will taunt them.

During an interview with Spark TV, Mama Fina replied Abitex saying she can’t get in a relationship with Abitex because she is a married woman.

Mama Fina went ahead and advised Abitex to look for another woman to marry rather than wasting time on her who will never give him a chance into her life.

“I am a married woman. Abitex leave me a lone, go look for a woman to marry rather than wasting time on me because I will never give you a chance at any time.” Mama Fina said.

This is not the fist time Abitex is coming out publically to declare his love for Mama Fina. Last year he did also came out but it was not as serious as it is this tome.

Mama Fina said Abitex is always sending her money on her phone even when she resends it Abitex returns it back to her.

Rumors has it that Mama Fina is pregnant but Abitex said he is unbothered whether she is pregnant or not what he wants is marrying Mama Fina.

However Mama Fina requested people who are close to Abitex to sit him down and tell him she will never love him after all she is a married woman.

Written by Aine Siggy

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