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Respect women – Sipapa scoffs at Lwasa

City socialite Sipapa has hit out at tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel that he should reserve some respect women.

This after Lwasa’s countinued taunting of his ex girlfriend and BBS Television presenter Dianah Nabatanzi. Lwasa posted a video of Dianah Nabatanzi denying to face the cameras.

The ClubTarven Kick proprietor said Nabatanzi is a thief and he will continue to expose her if she dare comes out to the media to say anything.

According to Sipapa, Lwasa is behaving like a young boy yet he is an old man to be an example to the youth.
Sipapa went ahead and said no matter how Lwasa didn’t go to school, he should at least have some respect for women.

Sipapa requested Lwasa to move on and leave Nabatanzi alone because coming out thinking he is shaming her is not true he is actually shaming himself, his age and his family at once.

“Lwasa you’re an old man respect women. Coming out in the media and exposing Nabatanzi doesn’t make sense because your actually exposing yourself and your dignity. You moved on leave Nabatanzi alone.” Sipapa said

Sipapa said he is one of the people who has managed to be in many relationships and he said that’s how women behave.

He said men need to have lectures on how to treat women other wise people like Lwasa are very many in the world.

Written by Aine Siggy

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