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Kaye Wisdom vows not to return Lanek’s car

President for Gospel artists Kaye Wisdom has vowed not to return Lanek’s car that he gave him as a gift.

This open roof car that was given to Kaye Wisdom was first given to singer Levixon by Lanek and when they got some misunderstandings, Levixone returned it hence giving it to Kaye Wisdom.

Months after Kaye owning that car, misunderstandings between him and Lanek rose but for him he said he will not return that car.

Kaye said let come what may, he will rather sell the car or burn other than give it back to Lanek because he didn’t take it for return. He added on that even if they ask Lanek asks him to bring it back he will not.

“Me I swear I will not return the car Lanek gave me. If he thinks I am going to be like Levixone, he should forget about it. I rather burn it or sell it than giving it to home.” Kaye Wisdom said.

He noted that even the car he was given is very old, he is always in garage to repair it.

Kaye said he is a very rich man and he has very many new cars but that couldn’t stop him from accepting the gift that was given to him.

Motor mouthed Kaye requested people who give out gifts not to expect them back after a misunderstanding, they should give it with one heart.

Written by Aine Siggy

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