President Museveni Pokes Daily Monitor

Yesterday saw President Museveni deliver his much awaited address on the current situation of covid 19 in the country.

The President talked about a wide variety of things with the highlight being closure of most sectors to a period of 42 days and the rest to work under tight conditions.

Mr Museveni also took some time off to address the issue of security that has got most people worried about the rise of gun murders.

His address followed the recent attempted assassination of Gen Katumba Wamala last week.

Museveni who partly blamed Katumba for not moving with a patrol car went ahead to assure Ugandans that security was not worrying at all.

He further warned that this state of fear was created by some media houses especially the Daily Monitor which he promised to deal with one of these days when he has time.

Daily Monitor
has got all sorts of many confused people, one day I will answer them. When they are dealing with security, they want to spread pessimism and worry.” President Kaguta Museveni addressed.

He went ahead to label the newspaper a ‘bad’ one before saying the investigations of all these murders are undergoing.

He further assured people that it might take a lot of time but the perpetrators of these crimes shall be brought to book.

Of recent different random murders that appear to be carefully planned have plagued the country.

The State and police however do not come out with conclusive investigations to see these murderers punished as satisfactorily to the citizens.

Written by Aine Siggy

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