Public transportation prices hiked following President Museveni’s address

Following President Museveni’s address yesterday about the new covid 19 guidelines, prices of many things have instantly begun to hike up.

These include prices of public means of transport which the president put under lockdown.

The President said that all public means of transportation from one district to another were banned effective Thursday June 10th 2021 for 42 days.

Mr Museveni said he had given these four days to transport people especially students to and from their places of work, residence, schooling to their homes.

After June 10th no public vehicle will will be allowed to move from one district to another.

Following this announcement, public means of transport have hiked prices to a percentage of 15-20% on to the prices that have been in place.

Some of the new prices to certain places from Kampala are listed below.

Kampala- Fort Portal 60,000 Ugx from 40,000Ugx

Kampala-Kasese 70,000Ugx from 50,000ugx

Kampala-Masaka 20,000 ugx from 15,000 ugx

Kampala-Kyegegwa 50,000 Ugx from 30,000 Ugx

Kampala-Mubende 40,000 Ugx from 20,000Ugx

This has been alluded to the limited number of people these vehicles will be transporting and of course a move to make more money.

Written by Aine Siggy

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