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Curfew suspended for the next three days to let students stranded in parks get home

Government has suspended curfew for the next three days in order to let school students who are stranded in transportation parks to get home safely.

The announcement was made by Afande Col. Edith Nakalema after hearing the cries of people.

“As government, ministry of education and sports plus Uganda Police we have suspended curfew for the next three days to help these school students get home because they have really suffered from the transport parks.” Col Nakalema said.

Since Sunday 6th June when president Museveni Kaguta declared a partial lockdown due to increased Covid19 patients and schools plus movements from one district to another were also locked down.

However he added three days from 7th to 10th June so that students can use those days to get home.

But other people who have been working from Kampala City have also used that chance to go in the villages scared that lockdown might be extended even after 42 days that were declared.

This made a crisis of transport means because people became many more than the buses and taxis in this Covid19 situation where a bus is expected to take a half of the seats in the bus.

Written by Aine Siggy

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