Nobody Believed In Me- Sheebah Says As She Celebrates 10 Years As A Solo Artiste

Musician Sheebah Karungi took to her social media pages to celebrate a decade ever since she turned on the path of being a solo artiste.

It should he recalled that the musician started her music career in the now defunct all girls group “The Obsessions” in the early 2000″s.

However the group later split and the members decided to pursue different careers.

Sheebah was one of the few who chose to continue with an active music career. It however looked futureless as she was below par.

Everyone wrote her off and nobody thought she could ever make it this big.

A few collaborations with Weasel and Sizzaman but still didn’t quite find her feet.

She however around 2014 teamed up with legendary manager Jeff Kiwa and the rest is history.

Sheebah has been one of the top grossing artistes for the last 6-7 years. She has managed to keep on top of her game and seems to get better with each year that goes by.

In these 10 years, Sheebah has managed to release chart topping songs, accumulate a number of assets besides winning numerous awards.

Taking to her social media pages, Sheebah herself acknowledged the rough patch she had trodden to get where she is now.

“In 2010, I officially started off my solo career with “Kunyenyeza” as my very first song. I look back at that time and all I had was me. Most people didn’t believe in me so it was up to me to believe in myself or give up on my dreams.”she posted.

She added how she was scared about this journey and wondered whether she would ever make it.

“Honestly I was scared but I was brave enough to get over my fears and chase my dreams no matter how hard and disrespectful it could get sometimes.” The self styled queen karma added.

The “Nakyuka” singer also said she couldn’t hide the excitement of what has become of this road.

“10 years later, I look at where I’m today, what I have done with myself, my family, my friends and the clan of beautiful people I have touched with my music and I just praise God.” The TNS singer added.

Sheebah concluded by thanking everyone who has been there by her side in achieving this milestone. She further promised them that the best of her is yet to come.

Written by Aine Siggy

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