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Tamale Mirundi Reveals Why NUP Will Collapse soon

Political analyst and National Resistance Movement (NRM) strong supporter Tamale Mirundi has written NUP’s aurbitary saying it will not stand a taste of time.

He made this statement during his weekly show on STV.

Being a supporter of the ruling party NRM, Tamale Mirundi has always been critical against opposition political parties although his younger son Tamale Mirundi Junior and wife support the opposition political parties NUP and DP respectively.

This time, Tamale Mirundi said NUP will not last for long like other opposition political parties because it is besiged with elements of double standards and greed.

Tamale Mirundi said the time will come and they will go back to their original political parties hence the downfall of NUP.

“NUP will not last for long because it’s compromised of people who are not genuine. They left their political parties due to the wave because many of them knew they will not return to parliament. But I assure you time will come they will return to their political parties and NUP will be no more” Tamale Mirundi said.

Tamale Mirundi went ahead and said NUP MPS will do nothing for
people in parliament because their minds are shallow in terms of politics.

Written by Aine Siggy

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