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Lanek eats his words, asks for forgiveness from fellow Gospel artists

Self crowned Gospel artist Lanek Denis has ate his words as he came out to ask for forgiveness from his fellow Gospel artists.

This came after they threatened to sue him for what he said about them in the media in the past weeks.

The war between Gospel artists has been on for quite some good time but Lanek took it personal and attacked his fellow’s family especially Children and wives. He said some of the gospel artists are gays while others are married to rich women and some have more than one wife and very many children they don’t look after.

This developed fire between themselves and decided to sue Lanek for what he said because it was not necessary and a shaming or else he goes back to every media house and ask for forgiveness from them.

Lanek did what he was requested to do. Yesterday he went to every media house and asked fellow artists to forgive him for what he said, he did a mistake and he will never do it again.

“I am here to ask for forgiveness from my brothers and fellow Gospel artists for what I said about them. I said everything I said out of anger but If they forgive me I will never do it again. I am very sorry my fellow Gospel artists” Lanek said.

No one expected this from Lanek because he was serious and we didn’t know he will eat his words and come to ask for forgiveness.

It should be noted that it’s now clear Kaye Wisdom is the president of Gospel artists not Lanek like he used to say.

Written by Aine Siggy

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