Tycoon Hamis Kiggundu pledges to Donate Covid 19 Vaccines To Ugandans

Tycoon and City business mogul Hamis Kiggundu popularly known as Ham has donated covid vaccines worth a whopping shs 530m to Ugandans.

The young wealthyan through his foundation the Ham Foundation bought 15,000 covid 19 vaccines that will be distributed accordingly.

It should be remembered that the government has embarked on a bid to vaccinate 20 million Ugandans. Ham said that these vaccines would help the government in its bid to vaccinate Ugandans while speaking to the press at media center.

Ham went ahead to say how the 5000 vaccines would be used to vaccinate his employees and tenants while the other 10,000 will be used to vaccinate Ugandans.

“As Ham Enterprises, am willing and ready to commit 530 million shillings towards this justified cause to buy vaccines approximately 15000 dozes.” Ham addressed the media.

He added that only if the private sector and other tycoons could come together and atleast each buys 10,000 vaccines,this would help to bring the level of covid 19 among Ugandans down.

“Am of the humble request to the private sector especially the investors that in addition to what government is doing, let us join hands and see whether we can secure vaccines because this is the only way towards elimination of this pending era,” Ham said.

The Ham Shopping grounds proprietor added that covid 19 does not segregate when it is spreading. It affects everyone regardless of status hence the need join efforts to try and lower it.

“Covid-19 does not know whether you are rich, covid does not know whether you are poor, everyone can be a victim to covid and it is our corporate responsibility as Ugandans and as a business private sector for who have been benefiting from Ugandans for all this time. They are our clients, our customers, and above all fellow Ugandans. From a reasonable point of view, It is our obligation to come up and purchase these vaccines and make sure a reasonable number of Ugandans are vaccinated,”Ha added.

The business man has showed time and time again how he’s concerned about the ordinary common man and not just milking them as other business men.

In the first wave of the pandemic, Ham supported the national covid task force after he donated 100 million shillings.

Meanwhile, the spread of the flu is still high on the rise and the government has continued to rally people to observe the SOPs a d get vaccinated too.

Written by Aine Siggy

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