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I used to drive taxi – Hon Prime Minister Robin Nabanja opens up

Former state Healthy Minister, Kakumiro Woman Member of Parliament and now Prime Minister Hon Robin Nabanja has opened up about her life before she joined parliament.

She talked about her life during NTV Mwasuze mutya show.

Hon Robin said she is a teacher by professional and has taught in about four different schools but people can’t believe that she was that before.

According to Hon Nabanja, she grew up from a humble background, she never had shoes while going to school and she used to stay at school to work for school fees in the school farms.

As if that wasn’t enough she was the first woman in her village to drive a taxi, being a business woman she used to wake up very early drive people to their work places and later go to teach in school.

“I was the first woman in my village to drive a taxi, I come from a poor family, we grew up with nothing, I never had shoes while going to school but I managed to succeed. Very many people used to laugh at me but I never gave up” Hon Nabanja said.

Current Prime Minister said she is not surprised that people are doubting her office after all they don’t know her back ground.

She revealed that she became a leader from child hood as she was a head girl in her highschool and later a deputy RDC and RDC for Kakumiro district.

Hon Robin Nabanja however, said her actions always speak for her, she will not much and people will be surprised in two years to come.

Written by Aine Siggy

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