Sauti Sol Member Makes Shocking Revelation About His Marriage

Bien, a member of Kenyan singing band Sauti Sol yesterday made a shocking revelation in regards to his marriage.

The singer who is married to Chiki Kuruka said that he and his wife were in an open relationship . This means that he can sleep with whoever he pleases and so does his wife.

Bien said that this is an arrangement and agreement the two of them had before they got married.

“Me and Chiki have this thing where if I ever meet my celebrity crush somewhere and I am in a situation where my celebrity crush wants to ‘engage in coitus’ with me, then so be it and vice versa,” Bien said.

He added how he was totally okay with it and as long as it made his wife happy, then she could do it.

“I don’t have a problem with it if that is what she wants, she should get it. You can’t stop a human being from doing that. But also I can’t catch feelings, I’m after her happiness,” Bien further added.

The couple who have been together now for three years is a perfect description of crazy. Bien added on how he has always let his wife flirt with men on his watch.

“There was a day I went to a club with Chiki in Nigeria, I even felt bad for her. I told her. The guys here are looking so hot, I feel so bad for you. I’m gonna go out and smoke a J, be hit on. Guys were buying her champagne and they were going all out. Evenwhen we were going back to the hotel, I felt bad because I knew in the back of her head, she would have been with someone better but anyway this is life,” Bien concluded.

Open relationships are surely not for the faint hearted and seems like a trend that is taking over most couples globally.

The most publicised open relationship is between Hollywood power couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett.

Written by Aine Siggy

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