Kabako Threatens To Hack Land Grabber

Land grabbing has become a big problem in the country and does not segregate among people.

The latest to fall to this vice is TNS singer Roden Y Kabako. The singer was this week involved in a bitter land brawl with an unknown woman in Busabala.

The energetic singer took to his plot with the same energy he uses on stage to warn the perpetrator off his land.

Kabako added how he had toiled to buy his land from scratch. He further alleged that it was the LC 1 chairman of the area who was conspiring with the perpetrator to grab his land.

“This Hajjat has to know we are in Buganda and Busabala. I can call the Kabaka, President, Katikiro, Kyagulanyi if need be. I went singing and sweating on concerts to get my hard earned money to buy this land. My money was kept by Sheebah and when it accumulated my manager Jeff Kiwa bought me the land.” Kabako said.

The singer who was in the company of his “majje gaku ttaka” friends warned off the chairman and land grabber.

” Hajjat we shall beat you to pulp and not even the police or your husband will ask us why we beat you. I want you to bring back the sign post you removed from my land before I come after you.” A bitter Kabako attacked.

He was later joined by his wife Jazira who said that she had to fight for her children’s property.

“My man bought this land off his sweat. This land belongs to my kids. I’m going to bring all my kids and let them sleep here and see if she chases them off here.” Jazira added.

The singer said this while appearing on Radio Simba’s Wolokoso program. He further added that he was not something to joke with and the LC 1 chairman should be careful with him.

Written by Aine Siggy

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