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I am the best kadongo kamu artist – Walukaga brags

Kadongo kamu singer and now Kyengera Town mayor Mathias Walukaga has bragged about being the currently best kadongo kamu artist.

He made the statement during an entertainment talk show on NBS Television.

Walukaga who has had no hit song in the past 5 years said for him he knows that even if he doesn’t release music he will still stand as the best kadongo – kamu artist because those that were better than him like Paul Kafeero died.

“I am the best kadongo – kamu artist, those that were better than me all died. Even if I stop singing now in the next five years, I will still be on the top of kadongo – kamu musc.” Walukaga said.

Walukaga went ahead and said he is the only serious kadongo – kamu artists after the generals like Paul Kafeero died. Infact he blamed other fellow artists like Hassan Ndugwa and the media to have led to the fall of Kdongo – kamu music.

Kadongo – kamu is buganda’s traditional music that is story telling and teaching to both the young and old.

Written by Aine Siggy

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