Uganda’s Biggest Problem Is It’s People Who Do Not Think-Kiiza Besigye

Former FDC president and opposition figure Dr Col Kiiza Besigye has come out to express his disappointment among Ugandans.

The politician who was appearing on the NBS morning breeze program was airing his views on the ongoing issues in the country especially the covid 19 pandemic.

Besigye pointed out that Ugandans always cry about dire socioeconomic conditions but when it comes to the polls they still go ahead to elect the current regime.

“The biggest problem I see is simply having masses of people that are not thinking. That is why we have a regime like we have doing the things it’s doing for 35 years and we are simply lamenting.” Besigye said.

He added that the government instead of helping people to overcome the hardships of the pandemic is just laundering money.

“As people were starving and dying in their homes without health care, trillions of money were borrowed and stolen.” Besigye further added.

Besigye further added that the country is where it is in the battle against the pandemic because of government negligence. He said that it was the NRM primaries that surged the covid 19 cases before even the general polls.

“The NRM primaries then spread the virus to the whole country. By the time of the General Election, Uganda had lost the fight against COVID-19.” Besigye criticised.

Besigye concluded by saying that a tough lockdown if well implemented could have helped in curbing down the cases but government can’t execute it well.

He called upon people to be vigilant in the fight against the flu because it affects everyone.

“As an individual, you must become vigilant. These measures of reducing measures of getting the virus are important. Avoid people unless you must. tougher lockdown would be necessary but the reason they can’t lock down is because they have no capacity to maintain people locked down.” Besigye concluded.

The second wave has gone on to claim hundreds of Ugandans leaving thousands of others infected.

People are called upon to observe the ministry of health SOPs in place whilst getting vaccinated.

Written by Aine Siggy

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