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Gen Salim Saleh to give Events promoters more shs900M

Gen. Salim Saleh has revealed that he is seriously considering to give promoters a more whooping 900 millions.

He made the revealations during the weekend when he met young promoters at his offices in Gulu district.

All this came after Gen Salim Saleh promised to bail out promoters who had organized events in 2020 but unfortunately Covid19 hit the world and they were not able to have those events take place.

However, he first gave out 1.5 billions Ug shillings but the money was not enough for all promoters and he decided to first give those who were very bad off battling debts.

Gen Salim Saleh again gave out 5.6 billion Ug shillings that he thought would be enough so that every promoter can at least get some money but it was another story. Its said that out of the 300 promoters, only 30 promoters shared 5.6 billion and it is said that some of those were not even promoters hence leaving others cursing and lamenting.

According to BBS Television presenter Jonathan Jaxta who was with Gen Saleh over the weekend said Gen Slim pledged to add 900 million Ug shillings to promoters that gave in their files and they were thrown away.

“I am giving you some of the things we got from Gulu. Gen Salim has pledged to add 900 million Ug Shillings to promoters especially those that had put in their files and didn’t receive the money.” Jaxta said

Jaxta said Abitex has no say on this money and it will be given to the right people not like 5.6 billion that was given to people who are not promoters.

Written by Aine Siggy

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