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Kabako’s land wrangles gather more storm

Singer Yusuf Ssenabulya commonly known by his stage name Roden Y Kabako faces an uphill task to reclaim his Busabala plot of land if the latest proceedings are anything to go by.

All this started over the weekend as Kabako moved with his wife, family members and the media to Busabala on his land and threatened to deal with a one known as Hajjati who he claims is grabbing his land.

Kabako through his social media platforms said he is not ready to give up on his land and he will do everything to protect it.

“I got this land from sweat I will do everything to save it and I am ready to deal with this Hajjati that is planning to grab my land that I have had for some long time.” Kabako said.

After that, we all thought the one Hajjati has heard and will not go back to Kabako’s land but yesterday on Sunday, we saw Kabako being arrested by Kibili police saying that the land he is fighting for is actually not his land.

Kabako who claims to have been sold that land by singer Sheeba’s manager Jeff Kiwa today morning deployed workers on his land that are supposed to start constructing a house but unfortunately police told them to leave because that’s not Kabako’s land.

Kabako again using social media cried out to the concerned people to help him save his land from land grabbers.

“They are now sending away my workers from the Busabala land saying that’s not my land. People who are able to help me please do it and help me save my land.” Kabako said.

The land grabbing craze is on a high in Uganda and never a day passes without such incidents.

The way Kabako’s land wrangles are going so fast, we don’t know how its going to end only wishing him the best.

Written by Aine Siggy

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